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Father's Day in Italy 🇮🇹

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Festa del papà in Italy

The Italian song Viva la mama, which means "hooray for moms," is devoted to the mamma, a well-known figure in Italian lore, literature, and the arts. Mothers do really play a significant role in everyone's life, and we Italians are renowned for being especially close to them; after all, they don't nickname us mammoni (mama's boys) for nothing. Of course, we also love our fathers. There is no better time than Father's Day to tell your father (and your mother!) how much you appreciate them. Unlike the USA, which celebrates Father’s Day in June, Italians do it on March, 19th. Auguri papà, we say.

Father's Day celebrations in Italy

Italian culture has a strong Catholic past. So many feasts and holidays commemorate religious occasions, and this is also true of Father's Day in Italy, which is observed on the same day as Saint Joseph's Day, a holiday honouring the paternal father of Jesus Christ.

According to Catholic legend, Saint Joseph is a model father who is strong, religious, and capable of carrying out his assigned duties within the family. Additionally, he guards woodworkers, the poor, and orphans. Since Saint Joseph is, in a sense, the ideal father, his day came to symbolise all fathers in Italy.

Traditional Foods for Father's Day celebrations in Italy

When it comes to commemorating certain significant anniversaries, Italian tables are typically set with a hearty and delectable lunch. One of the occasions is father's day, for which various well-known recipes are prepared. The most popular Italian culinary dishes for this particular occasion revolve around sweet treats like cakes and cookies rather than savoury foods.

The San Giuseppe bigné is currently the most well-known culinary symbol for Father's Day. Similar to a cream puff, it is a delicious pastry filled with cream, custard, or jam. It is consumed practically everywhere.

The exciting news here is that Cannoleria has Flavour of The Week specials only for this blessed Father's Day. Inspired by the Zeppole di San Giuseppe, a sweet choux pastry filled with crema (aka custard) and garnished with a sour cherry. This dessert is traditionally consumed for St. Joseph’s Day / Father’s Day in Italy 🇮🇹⁠. What a dream!

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