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Melbourne film Festival in town: films where Cannoli stole the scene

Cannoli made their appearance in Hollywood, becoming icons and definitely memorable in some of the best movies in film history.

We already talked about the scene of "The Godfather," and the unforgettable quote: "Leave the Gun, take the cannoli", being a famous traditional dish of the Sicilian tradition.

Cannoli represented the sacred respect towards the family in the film, which has always been the priority in the Sicilian tradition and culture.

This sweet is seen almost as a symbol of total devotion and priority to the most important thing in life: our roots and loved ones.

But cannoli weren't the main characters just in The Godfather, they became extremely popular also in the savoury version thanks to the latest TV series (The Bear), which has just debuted with the second season, revealing past traumas that influenced the plot of the story and the main characters.

In this scene too, cannoli were introduced to the audience in a family context, during a strong fight, becoming a traumatic memory because of a triggering situation for Carmi, the main Chef in the series.

There is a strong love-hate relationship that bonds the family members, all of them trying to deal with personal mental health problems.

In the end, the same cannoli in the Christmas family dinner became a dish presented on the menu of their new restaurant, as a symbol of the transformation of the family, individually and together, to become united and bring the place from chaos to ambition and harmony, as a team.

This is just an example of the cultural impact that Cannoli had in different countries worldwide, shaping the view of people thanks to its meaning.

This is another epic clip from the film "Your Honour", where we see cannoli making in the kitchen, showing the unique preparation of this dish always in a family context.

Cannoli can have a deeper meaning and be a symbol emphasizing the importance of the cultural aspect of traditions and there's no better way to culturally impact people than film.


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