icing sugar sprinkled over cannoli
rose flavoured cannoli
chef dario filling sicilian cannoli
honey and almond cannoli
limoncello cannoli

Freshly Filled Cannoli

At Cannoleria, we specialise in the traditional Sicilian dessert, Cannoli. Delicate tubes of golden crunchy pastry are filled fresh daily with That's Amore Ricotta.


We go to great measures to always deliver delicious and authentic flavoured fillings without using preservatives or artificial flavours. Our endless variety of innovative flavours are made using only locally sourced, seasonal produce.


You can indulge in our freshly filled Cannoli at a number of locations, including South Melbourne Market and Preston Market. Come and visit us at one of our locations to enjoy the freshest, crunchiest authentic Italian Cannoli!

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69 Sheehan Road

West Heidelberg VIC 3081
Phone: (03) 9086 8925