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Cannoleria is a unique concept that specialises in the traditional Sicilian dessert, Cannoli.

Cannoleria is a brand that celebrates the Sicilian treat by incorporating traditionally made That’s Amore ricotta with seasonal and natural produce to create an endless variety of flavours. This makes our concept the first of its kind!


Cannoleria started in 2018 after a successful collaboration between multi award-winning cheesemaker Giorgio Linguanti and Chef Dario Di Clerico. Giorgio and Dario have been working together for 4 years and share the same passion for food innovation.

Constantly developing new recipes using That’s Amore Cheese inspired a new challenge: to create the perfect authentic cannoli! This led to the creation of Cannoleria by That’s Amore.


Early 2020 due to increase of business, Cannoleria moved to bigger new facilities in Heidelberg-West (Cannoleria HQ), since then Cannoleria runs separately from That’s Amore Cheese management.


Our Signature Product

At Cannoleria, we specialise in the traditional Sicilian dessert, CANNOLI (…not CANNELONI which is a pasta dish…). Delicate tubes of golden crunchy pastry are filled fresh with That's Amore Ricotta.

We go to great measures to always deliver delicious and authentic flavoured fillings without using preservatives or artificial flavours. Our endless varieties of innovative flavours are made using only locally sourced, seasonal and natural ingredients.

Make sure to keep up-to-date with us on social media for the latest flavour launches, events and pop-up locations.

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